Our Values

“Nurturing” “Caring” “Safety” “Leading Edge Educational Content” “Quality Care & Trust” “Innovation & Technology” “Integrity”
Vision Statement

A vision and mission statements have been prepared based on the goals and objectives identified above by iSTEAM Ahead. These should be reviewed and tested so that they are valid.  

“To build a unique and nurturing childcare that provides leading edge education and technology that is exciting and innovative to inspire lifelong learning in children who are the future”

Mission Statement

“To provide a nurturing and supportive environment that develops children’s strengths through innovative and quality educational content that follows the STEAM learning approach used by our caring and dedicated teachers”  

The Future


The goals and objectives for iSTEAM Ahead have been outlined below:


  • To build a thriving Childcare business, that provides an exciting, innovative product to its customers.

  • To develop new engaging educational content for children between the ages of 0 to 5 that follows the STEAM learning approach.

  • To develop a reputable brand recognized within the market/industry with quality, safety, integrity and innovation;

  • To maintain a high staff retention rate.

  • To continuously upskill and improve the performance of staff and maintain a high level of staff satisfaction and morale.

  • To expand the business to multiple sites throughout Sydney, operating at 95% occupancy: and

  • To be continuously innovating the product/service offered and being an industry leader.